The Future of the Academic Journal

PESAAgora is Open Access meeting place for those interested the intersections of education, philosophy, technology, indigenous and identity issues, and the environment.

PESAAgora is derived from the ancient Agora of Athens which was a place of artistic, spiritual and political life where citizens could gather to speak in public. The Agora of Athens was where Socrates held court to anyone who would listen, questioning them on the meaning of life and where Socrates attracted a young poet Aristocles, who was to become Plato. The Agora served as an early model for both the Academy and the dialogues. It evolved as a public space in Hellenistic and Roman Greece in c. 323BC – 267AD.

PESAAgora provides comments on issues and concerns related to philosophy of education; news about other professional events, and conferences. It combines different features including Ideas (500 words or less), Essays (1000 words), Replies, Academic Columns, Photos, Social Media, and News with alerts to Educational Philosophy and Theory (EPAT) articles and editorials, special issues and papers. It includes the digital archives of ACCESS: Critical Perspectives on Communication, Cultural and Policy Studies.

Launching in 2020

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