Multi-cultural the future redeemed?

Stephen (Tipene) O’Regan
Vol 1, Number 2, p.69
The problem with Multi-cultural Education is the problem of what is meant by Multi culturalism. I am uneasy about the usage of either term, of the issues they are being addressed to and of the respective measure of piety and realism contained in them. I have come to the view that the greatest single problem confronting me as a Teacher of Maori Studies is the failure of my students’ overall school and life experience to give them any clear, confident notion of themselves as Pakeha New Zealanders. We can never have a multicultural society if the majority culture opts out of the process. Until this situation changes, multiculturism will continue to be, like its partner, Multicultural Education, a morass of unclarified aims and random recipes cemented by a slurry of good intentions.