Educational Philosophy and Theory EPAT Book Series

Educational Philosophy and Theory: Editor’s Choice Book Series

The EPAT Editor’s Choice book series comprises innovative and influential articles drawn from the Educational Philosophy and Theory journal archives, spanning 46 volumes, from 1969. Each volume represents a selection of important articles that respond to and focus on a particular theme, celebrating and emphasizing the heritage and history of the work, as well as the cutting edge contemporary contributions available. The series provides a rich vertical collection across five decades of seminal scholarship, contextualizing and elevating specific themes, scholars and their work. The EPAT Editor, Michael A. Peters, introduces each volume, the theme, and the work selected within that volume.

Educational Philosophy and Theory: Special Issues Book Series

Books in this series have first appeared as a special issue of Educational Philosophy and Theory, focussing on a key theme or thinker and includes essays from a range of contributors, devoted to cutting-edge scholarship. The series, edited by Peter Roberts, University of Canterbury, New Zealand demonstrates the value of diverse theoretical perspectives in educational philosophy discourse, policy and practice.