Philosophy of education and political commitment

M.A.B. Degenhardt
Vol 3, Number 2, p.54
There have recently been striking changes in the manner and content of much educational philosophising - changes which consist in deliberate and often explicit moves to politicise the subject. It is now quite common for educational philosophising to be presented or evaluated as part of the enterprise of bringing about or resisting political change. In recent books and papers, we find philosophising about education with an unmistakable intention to promote particular political doctrines and programmes. My present concern is not to chronicle these developments but to consider whether we should welcome them. In this paper I aim to do little beyond taking a first look at some of the issues involved, in the hope that fuller discussions will follow. I start by noting some points that can be made in favour of the new politicisation. I will then consider some grounds for disquiet at the new politicisation of educational philosophising.