Anybody want a Dip Bus?: Re-discovering Dip Bus in the debris of the education war

Steve Barnett, Dick McDonald and Lynne Eagle
Vol 19, Number 1, p.74
Imagine an ideological war over education that has been raging for a decade with few signs of peace. Picture the battle pocked education landscape and the assortment of pre-war and more recent structures. Now move beneath the surface, away from the battle noise and grand maneuvers to discover Dip Bus: dazed, bruised, unwary war casualty. Still alive, still functioning, doing good. Is Dip Bus worth rescuing from the no-man's land between the unitisers and the universities? This short biography of Dip Bus, from its conception before the war, discovers a practicable, relevant, reliable, available Dip Bus, integrated by nature, reared in a welcoming and functional extended family. Today life is hard but the family is still together and this living, breathing, adaptable, mid-tertiary identity has the character to continue to be the mainstay of Polytech business education.