Ways of Appropriating: Culture as resource and standing reserve

A.-Chr. (Tina) Engels-Schwarzpaul
Vol 22, Number 1-2, p.36
Martin Heidegger's term Ereignis is usually (and too generally) translated into English as \"appropriation\".1 While it may be unfortunate, this somewhat liberal translation (and the interpretations it has spawned) can be used to apply a misunderstanding creatively. ''Appropriation\" in Aotearoa means something different from what it would have meant in Heidegger's own cultural context. To explore the concept of Ereignis against the backdrop of its English translation into \"appropriation\" casts a new light on cultural relationships, art, and technology. This exploration will generate insights regarding autonomy and reciprocity, distance and involvement, control and letting-be, appropriation and care. I shall bring together theoretical and practical perspectives to look at mediatised art and design within the parameters of concepts indebted to Heidegger.