Reinscribing the Politics of Difference: Where to now?

Elizabeth Grierson
Vol 32, Number , p.1
This paper considers the politics of difference and the role of scholarly enquiry in the pragmatics of the creative economies of knowledge innovation and exchange. The discussion pertains in particular to the scholarly journal ACCESS, and its mission for critical enquiry and investigation of cultural knowledge, its place in wider discourses of cultural policy and practice, and the philosophy of education, and its new life, from 2014, under the umbrella of Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia (PESA) and the publication, Educational Philosophy and Theory (EPAT). In summarising the work of the writers in this present collection, the discussion positions their approaches in those wider discourses, and takes as a theme the politics of difference, which has been well rehearsed through critical postmodern and poststucturalist approaches. Asking the question, where to now?, it suggests that once again difference arises as a condition requiring further analysis and critical scholarship . The politics of difference continues to be (should be) of primary concern, with the demand for rigorous scrutiny uppermost in our minds: it should never be wobbled off its axis.