Underpinnings, Issues and Challenges of Art-based Enquiry: a Chinese perspective

Lau Chung Yim
Vol 32, Number , p.57
Scholars have become keenly aware of the growing importance attached to artbased enquiry in discussions of art and art education over the last two decades, and it has become a crucial topic among the Western academic community. However, it is not of major concern in Hong Kong, China or Taiwan. Only a small number of articles were found in which art-based research methodologies and methods in the Chinese context are discussed in any detail. It is evident that artbased enquiry is a topic unfamiliar to the Chinese academic community and that a re-conceptualisation of enquiry methods is called for. In light of the above, this paper provides a philosophical analysis of the discourse on the fundamental underpinning, enquiry approach and context of art-based research. It examines topics relevant to this issue in the Chinese context. It argues that expanding discussions on art-based research will be beneficial to methodologies and methods used in the fields of both art and art educational research.