Seeking and sending signals: Remodelling teaching practice during the Covid-19 crisis

Allison Littlejohn
Vol 40, Number 1, p.56
With the increased use of online teaching during the Covid-19 crisis, technology-mediated interactions have become central to the co-constructive nature of learning in universities. This research questions the efficacy of online teaching as it has been implemented during the crisis by examining critical forms of online interaction. These include the strategies used by academics to identify cues from students to allow them to adapt their teaching and the interactions of academics with students to help learners self-regulate their learning. The findings provide evidence that technology-mediated interactions can help academics develop perceptions of students, but this requires opportunities for spontaneous, free-form interactions online. Academics can signal proactive learning strategies to students to help them self-regulate their learning, though these strategies have to be made visible within the online environment. Academics need guidance in the use of technologies to support these fundamental practices.