Higher Education for Good

Teaching and Learning Futures

Czerniewicz, L., & Cronin, C. (2023). Higher education for good: Teaching and learning futures. Open Book. https://doi.org/10.11647/OBP.0363

When there is the opportunity for deep thinking about “higher education for good” we should always ask, “good for whom?” One of the most devastating consequences of the [COVID-19] pandemic [wa]s that lockdown arrangements led to great learning losses for those with little to no access to bridging technologies and, in the process, widened the inequality gap between students of the middle classes and the poor. Put differently, when reimagining the neoliberal university, we must constantly and consciously pose the question as to the differential impacts of newly envisaged institutions. That reimagination has implications for everything from infrastructure to pedagogy and to forms of assessment. This courageous book works with an unspoken proposition, that we cannot wait for the neoliberal university to transform itself. Universities can change “because of their capacity for challenge, critique, invention and intellectual growth … but it has to be fought for” (Connell 2019, p. 10).

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