Educational Philosophy and Theory – EPAT – editorials & articles – January 2022

Collective writing

Michael A. PetersNesta DevinePeter RobertsSean SturmSharon RiderAndrew GibbonsFazal Rizvi & James Dunagan (2022). On the Public Pedagogy of Conspiracy: An EPAT Collective Project. Educational Philosophy and Theory.

Tina BesleyLiz JacksonMichael A. PetersNesta DevineCris MayoGeorgina Tuari StewartE. Jayne WhiteBarbara StengelGina A. OpinianoSean SturmCatherine LeggMarek Tesar & Sonja Arndt (2022). Philosophers and professors behaving badly: Responses to ‘named or nameless’ by Besley, Jackson & Peters. An EPAT collective writing project. Educational Philosophy and Theory.


Jian Li & Eryong Xue (2022). Exploring the epistemology of internationalization at home: A scoping review approach. Educational Philosophy and Theory.

Brad Evans & Julian Reid (2022). The religious left: How the left lost its argument and fell into a moral abyss. Educational Philosophy and Theory.

Book reviews

Anna Rumjahn (2022). The mind and teachers in the classroom: Exploring definitions of mindfulness, by Remy Y. S. Low, 2021. Educational Philosophy and Theory.

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