Educational Ethics During a Global Pandemic: A Discussion Group & Research Study for Educators

Harvard Graduate School of Education
You’re invited to participate in an online discussion group about the ethical challenges educators are facing during this pandemic. Our goals are to give space to teachers, teaching assistants, school administrators, guidance counselors, and other school-based professionals to think together about the ethics of our work in these complex times, and to add to professional development and research on these topics. Each 6-8 person, 90-minute session will be facilitated by a professor of educational ethics. Once you’ve signed up via the form (below), we will send you a Zoom link 1 day before your session. This is part of an ongoing research project based at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.
Note they feature PESA member Daniella Forster & Meira Levinson who was keynote at our 2017 conference – her speech is on PESA YouTube
Daniella Forster

Open discussion | July 2nd 4:00pm-5:30pm BST with Judith Suissa, University College London & Meira Levinson, Harvard University

Open discussion | July 21st 3:30pm-5:00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time with Daniella Forster, University of Newcastle, Australia

Teachers’ ethical obligations to their students during a pandemic | July 27sth 3:30pm-5:00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time with Daniella Forster, University of Newcastle, Australia

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