Inaugural Stoicon-x Melbourne – 30 October, 9.45am-5pm

The inaugural Stoicon-x Melbourne is part of events around the globe celebrating Stoic Week 2021.

Saturday 30 October , 9.45am to 5pm at the Greek Centre for Contemporary Culture, Level 3, 168 Lonsdale Street in Melbourne’s CBD.

Stoicon-x is designed for people interested in taking their first steps on a journey to a Stoic life or for those who are already living a Stoic life and want to delve deeper into how and why it’s a valid philosophy for life in the unfolding world of covid.

One of the main principles of Stoicism is to focus on what we are able to control ourselves. With this in mind, we are working towards holding an entertaining and educational in-person event on Saturday 30 October, 2021. As covid and lockdowns are not in our control, event details may change and we will endeavour to keep this website as up to date as possible in the lead up to the event.

Stoicon-x keynote speakers include Stoic practitioners and academics

Stoic Week is an annual event that invites everyone to ‘live like a Stoic for a week’. Started in the UK, since 2012 over 20,000 people have signed up to give Stocism a try.  Participants complete a questionnaire before starting and another at the end that enables organisers to assess how much following Stoic life guidance has benefitted participants. To date the results have consistently shown that people who give Stocism a try see a reduction in negative emotions and an increase in life satisfaction. Melbourne’s event will introduce interested Victorians to Stoicism and help them understand how to live like a Stoic, why it is becoming increasingly popular as a way to live and how to apply Stoic principles to the world today.

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