Pandemic Education: A Double Issue of Knowledge Cultures

Pandemic education refers not only to how we educate ourselves and others about the pandemic, but also – and more importantly – to how the pandemic educates us. To put it in the terms of the question that the articles in these two special issues on pandemic education address: how can educators explore and enact a philosophy of education that speaks to the care, critique and collective responsibility demanded by the Covid-19 pandemic?

The two issues of Knowledge Cultures on Pandemic Education (2020) bring together educators from across the globe to respond to the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. They are available through Proquest Central or Gale Academic Onefile.

Special issue editors:

Pandemic Education issue 1: Knowledge Cultures8(2) [link; follow the doi links for a preview of the articles]

Pandemic Education issue 2: Knowledge Cultures8(3) [link; follow the doi link of the articles for their abstracts]

  1. Pandemic Education (Sean Sturm, University of Auckland, Andrew Gibbons, AUT University, & Michael A. Peters, Beijing Normal University) doi:10.22381/KC8320201
  2. The Pragmatic Nature of the Virus and its Biopolitical Drive (Marco A. Jiménez, National Autonomous University of Mexico) doi:10.22381/KC8320202
  3. Capital Immunodeficiency and the Viral Contagion of Capitalism (Jason J. Wallin, University of Alberta, & Jennifer A. Sandlin, Arizona State University) doi:10.22381/KC8320203
  4. Will We Learn from COVID-19? Ecopedagogical Calling (Un)heard (Greg William Misiaszek, Beijing Normal University) doi:10.22381/KC8320204
  5. The Quiet Earth: Re-Functioning Socio-material Knowledge in the Crisis of the Pandemic (Emit Snake-Beings, Fiji National University) doi:10.22381/KC8320205
  6. Plague, Pedagogy and Pleasure: Creative Interventions in Higher Education (Tatiana Chemi, Aalborg University) doi:10.22381/KC8320206
  7. Immunized Community and Biopolitics in Times of Pandemic (Ana Maria Valle, National Autonomous University of Mexico) doi:10.22381/KC8320207
  8. International Higher Education and Global Citizenship Education: The Rise of Critical Cosmopolitanism’s ‘Personhood’ in the Age of COVID-19 (Benjamin Green, Beijing Normal University) doi:10.22381/KC8320208
  9. An Ethic of Care for People with Disabilities during the COVID-19 Pandemic in China: Towards Greater Social Justice (Wangqian Fu, Meng Deng & Li Cheng, Beijing Normal University) doi:10.22381/KC8320209
  10. COVID-19 and Disparities in Education: Collective Responsibility Can Address Inequities (Fawzia Reza, American College of Education) doi:10.22381/KC83202010
  11. Pandemic Education as an ‘Education-against-Thoughtlessness’: Creating Collective Responsibility against Self-Interest (Beaujorne Sirad A. Ramirez, University of the Philippines) doi:10.22381/KC83202011
  12. COVID-19: The Changing Face of Global Citizenship and the Rise of Pandemic Citizenship (Stephanie Hollings, Beijing Normal University) doi:10.22381/KC83202012
  13. Individual Interests, Community Responsibility and Public Power (Wener Zheng, Beijing Normal University) doi:10.22381/KC83202013
  14. COVID Scholar-Activism in Miniature: A Peep-Hole Diorama Letter Play (Lauren Ila Misiaszek, Beijing Normal University) doi:10.22381/KC83202014

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