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Philosophy and Theory in Higher Education Society

     3rd SEASON THEME: Loneliness and  Collegiality

     co-lead by  Tessa DeLaquil  and Carola Boehm

    PaTHES online meets are back for a third season. We are rotating our timezones and facilitators to accommodate our international community, so after seasons facilitated for Europe, then Australasia, we are now turning to the Americas. So put this slot in your diary and feel free to bring your coffee, tea and discussion points.  Everyone is welcome, and as our various regions are still coping with various lockdowns, we are keeping these Online Club Meets still open to the public.

Our first online meet will be Tues 16th Feb and this season will finish in the week  of 23rd March.

Link to the Online Club Meets, at

The time for each the of the 6 sessions of the third season will be:

UTC  City Season 3 (2021)

16th Feb to 23rd Mar

UTC -8 Los Angeles Tuesday 11am
UTC -5 New York Tuesday 2pm
UTC +13 Wellington Tuesday 8am
UTC +0 London Tuesday 7pm
UTC +1 Aarhus Tuesday 8pm
UTC +11 Sydney Tuesday 6am

OUR THEME: For season 3 of the online club meets, the selected theme is “Loneliness and Collegiality.”  In her essay titled “Ideology and Terror,” Hannah Arendt parallels isolation in the political sphere to loneliness in the social sphere, such that isolation occurs when “the political sphere of [our] lives, where [we] act together in the pursuit of a common concern, is destroyed,” while loneliness is “the situation in which I as a person feel myself deserted by all human companionship.” On the other hand, collegiality has been defined in higher education as relationships based on a shared commitment to a common purpose in higher education (Rowland, 2008).

So then, what might be this common purpose? And how might we build relationships in spite of the fractured nature of societal relationships, politically and geographically? What could be the effects on the university and the purpose of the university due to the loneliness experienced by its constituents – by faculty, staff, and students? Come join us in our discussions on this theme this season!


  • Tessa DeLaquil is a PhD student and research assistant at the Center for International Higher Education (CIHE), Boston College. Her research interests include the philosophy of higher education, considering secularism, pluralism, and political theory as conceptual bases for ethical practice in international higher education and the internationalization of research.
  • Carola Boehm is Professor of Arts and Higher Education at Staffordshire University. Her research focusses on the role that universities play in our creative societies and our creative economy.

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