The Metamodern in Literature, Art, Education, and Indigenous Cosmologies

Thursday 26–Friday 27 January, 2023

Hosted by Auckland University of Technology and the Metamodern Creatives

[M]etamodern thinkers reflect upon the conjunction of premodern, modern and postmodern influences on the present, and go beyond critique into vision and method for viable and desirable futures. (Rowson & Pascal, Dispatches from a time between worlds: Crisis and emergence in metamodernity, 2021)

This symposium invites contributions from the fields of Literature, Art, Education and Indigenous Cosmologies, relating (but not limited) to responses to the questions highlighted below. The metamodern is a broad term that defines the meditation on the times that we inhabit, especially their transformational potential at individual and collective levels.

In an increasingly complex and challenging world one is faced with recurring questions and  issues that require successive redefinitions:

  • How can we create better processes for personal development?

  • How can we recreate the processes by which society is governed, locally and globally?

  • How can the inner dimensions of life gain a more central role in society?

  • How can modern, postmodern and post-postmodern people live together productively?

  • How can politics be adjusted to an increasingly complex world?

  • What is the unique role of humanity in the ecosystems of nature?

To submit an abstract by 15 November 2022: (200-250 word abstract + 100-word biography)

For further details and registration:

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