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Ukraine and the Struggle to be Human

Ukranian-born Marxist humanist, Raya Dunayevskaya (1910–1987) Over the span of several weeks, I have published a number of articles on the war in Ukraine and with reference to Ukraine in several others dealing with structural racism, fascism and the American political scene. I have forcefully supported Ukraine’s defensive war against Russia’s fully-fledged mass-casualty invasion (it’s […]

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McLaren, P. (2022). Ukraine and the Struggle to be Human. PESA Agora. https://pesaagora.com/columns/ukraine-and-the-struggle-to-be-human/

Peter McLaren

Peter McLaren is Emeritus Professor at the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, University of California, Los Angeles. From 2013-2023 he served as Distinguished Professor in Critical Studies, Co-Director and International Ambassador for Global Ethics and Social Justice, The Paulo Freire Democratic Project, Attallah College of Educational Studies, Chapman University, USA.

Encountering Education

Elements for a Marxist Pedagogy

This book is available open-access here. It is to be launched at a webinar on April 16: register here. It is common knowledge that Marx insisted philosophers should not just interpret the world but change it. Yet many forget, repress, or bypass (for various material and theoretical reasons) the direction toward which he wanted to change […]

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Ford, D. R. (2022). Encountering Education: Elements for a Marxist Pedagogy. PESA Agora. https://pesaagora.com/columns/encountering-education/

Derek R. Ford

Derek R. Ford is a teacher, organiser and educational theorist who serves as associate professor of education studies at DePauw University and as an instructor with The People’s Forum. Their work has appeared in a range of academic journals, including Critical Education and Cultural Studies, as well as popular outlets like Black Agenda Report, Monthly Review, Peace, Land and Bread and the International Magazine. They also hosted the popular podcast series Reading ‘Capital’ with Comrades.

They’ve published eight monographs on pedagogy and revolutionary struggles, the latest of which is Teaching the Actuality of Revolution: Aesthetics, Unlearning and the Sensations of Struggle (2023). Their organising and research on the pedagogy of anti-imperialism, anti-racism and internationalist struggles recently appeared in International Magazine and Black Agenda Report and featured on episodes of CovertAction Bulletin and Revolutionary Left Radio. They are the editor of Liberation School and a contributing editor at the Hampton Institute, as well as an organiser with the Indianapolis Liberation Center, ANSWER Coalition, the International Manifesto Group and others. You can reach them at derekford@depauw.edu

Recent works by Derek include:

Marx, Althusser, Philosophy and Philosophy of Education

An opinion piece inspired by David Neilsen on "Reading Marx again"

The spectre of Althusser weighs like a nightmare on the minds of living Marxists. So writes living Marxist David Neilson, cleverly riffing on Karl Marx’s famous aphorism: ‘The tradition of all the dead generations weighs like a nightmare on the brain of the living.’ But Neilsen has a problem with this. I am a living […]

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Harris, K. (2021). Marx, Althusser, Philosophy and Philosophy of Education: An opinion piece inspired by David Neilsen on "Reading Marx again." PESA Agora. https://pesaagora.com/columns/marx-althusser-philosophy-and-philosophy-of-education/

Kevin Harris

Kevin Harris is Emeritus Professor of Education at Macquarie University. He notes that he is enjoying retirement. He writes:

I have previously romanticised myself sufficiently; those interested can look up Educational Philosophy and Theory, 44(5), 450-463. I am now going on 84 and, with apologies to Shakespeare and Keats, I now ‘suffer the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to’: that is all ye need to know.