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The Eschaton is Now: José Porfirio Miranda Against the Catholic Right’s Anti-Woke Christianity

A Response to Christopher Rufo and his Prating Pontificators

Introduction The work of Jesuit theologian José Porfirio Miranda poses a provocative question: What if, in the dominant Western narrative, it was Christianity that ignited the oxidising flame of communism? Picture a timeline from the first century to the nineteenth, where resilient groups of Christians, despite facing opposition from established powers and the church, passionately […]

Peter McLaren

Peter McLaren is Emeritus Professor at the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, University of California, Los Angeles. From 2013-2023 he served as Distinguished Professor in Critical Studies, Co-Director and International Ambassador for Global Ethics and Social Justice, The Paulo Freire Democratic Project, Attallah College of Educational Studies, Chapman University, USA.