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An invitation to quantify Bourdieu in educational research

Pierre Bourdieu is a philosopher by training and a sociologist by choice. His theory and practice have far-reaching influence across a wide range of disciplinary fields such as economy, law, religion, sport, culture, language, art and literacy, science and political science and, of course, education. Intellectual engagements with Bourdieu include the celebration and consecration of […]

Full Citation Information:
Mu, G. M. (2021). An invitation to quantify Bourdieu in educational research. PESA Agora. https://pesaagora.com/columns/an-invitation-to-quantify-bourdieu-in-educational-research/

Guanglun Michael Mu

Dr Guanglun Michael Mu is Senior Research Fellow in Queensland University of Technology. He is developing a sociology of resilience through his work with Chinese floating children and left-behind children in migration context; Chinese teachers in inclusive education context; and diverse student populations in Australia’s multicultural context. Michael’s work has been published into five books and numerous papers.