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Educating for Aesthetic Experiences

Laura D’Olimpio shares an excerpt from her new book The Necessity of Aesthetic Education: The Place of the Arts on the Curriculum (Bloomsbury, 2024). Educating for aesthetic experiences An aesthetic experience arises from engaging in a particular way – a way that is open and receptive to what is there to be experienced – with […]

Laura D’Olimpio

Dr Laura D’Olimpio is Associate Professor of Philosophy of Education at the University of Birmingham. Laura completed her PhD ‘The Moral Possibilities of Mass Art’ at The University of Western Australia. She is co-founder and co-editor of the open access Journal of Philosophy in Schools. She is also a regular contributor to The ConversationPhilosophy Now magazine, The Ethics Centre, and ABC Radio National’s Philosopher’s Zone and The Minefield. Laura’s first book, Media and Moral Education: A Philosophy of Critical Engagement (Routledge, 2018) won the 2018 PESA (Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia) Annual Book Award.