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Education and COVID-19

Experiences and insights from a developing country

Leander Penaso Marquez, Marqz Verone Vergara Olivar, Chloe Eco Brijuega, Rola Palalon Ombao, Wulmar Cerezo Cerio, Francisco Deogracias Baes
brown concrete houses

Leander Penaso Marqueza ,  Marqz Verone Vergara Olivarb, Chloe Eco Brijuegac, Rola Palalon Ombaoa, Wulmar Cerezo Ceriod, Francisco Deogracias Baese aUniversity of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines; bO. B. Montessori Center, Las Piñas, Philippines; cMapleBear Canadian School, Antipolo, Philippines; dO. B. Montessori Center, Manila, Philippines; eInfant Jesus Academy, Marikina, Philippines   Abstract The impact of […]

Full Citation Information:
Marquez, L. P., Olivar, M. V. V., Brijuega, C. E., Ombao, R. P., Cerio, W. C., & Baes, F. D. (2020). Education and COVID-19: Experiences and insights from a developing country. ACCESS: Contemporary Issues in Education, 40(1), 84-90. https://doi.org/10.46786/ac20.5188
Article Feature Image Acknowledgement: Photo by AR on Unsplash