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The philosophy of fear

A letter from Phobos

Dear PESA Agora, I would like to address the experience of fear in education – for that, I propose a philosophy of fear. I am writing this letter to make a case for regular correspondence with Agora on the subject and contribution of the philosophy of fear. I am not happy with how education systems […]

Full Citation Information:
Phobos. (2020). The philosophy of fear: A letter from Phobos. PESA Agora. Retrieved from https://pesaagora.com/columns/the-philosophy-of-fear/


Phobos belongs to the Pantheon of Greek gods, in which they hold the title of god of fear. They are the son of Ares and twin of Deimos. Phobos does his best work in battles, and is cited in the literature and depicted on weaponry of the Ancient Greek period. But they have reached into modernity through a moon of Mars and an episode of Doctor Who.