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Sociologising resilience with Pierre Bourdieu’s ideas of social change

four children standing on dirt during daytime

Human beings live in a universe of diversity. One response to such diversity is ‘lazy inclusivism’ that persists as an institutionalisation of ethical but tokenistic celebration of differences. Since tokenistic celebration portrays the human universe as a multichrome mosaic of monochrome blocs, lazy inclusivism reinforces social stereotyping of differences. At the same time, social differences, […]

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Mu, G. M. (2020). Sociologising resilience with Pierre Bourdieu’s ideas of social change. PESA Agora. https://pesaagora.com/columns/sociologising-resilience-with-pierre-bourdieus-ideas-of-social-change/

Guanglun Michael Mu

Dr Guanglun Michael Mu is Senior Research Fellow in Queensland University of Technology. He is developing a sociology of resilience through his work with Chinese floating children and left-behind children in migration context; Chinese teachers in inclusive education context; and diverse student populations in Australia’s multicultural context. Michael’s work has been published into five books and numerous papers.

Article Feature Image Acknowledgement: Photo by Ben Wicks on Unsplash