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Eurasianism as the deep history of Russia‘s discontent

Nikolai Trubetzkoy (1890-1938) In Search of a Moral Compass for the Ukraine War I have long professional ties with Russia. Indeed, the first ‘Chair in Social Epistemology’ was held not by me but by Ilya Kasavin, a philosopher affiliated with the Russian Academy of Sciences. He founded the journal Epistemologja i Filosofija Nauki (‘Epistemology and the Philosophy […]

Steve Fuller

Steve Fuller (born 1959, New York City) graduated from Columbia University in History & Sociology before gaining an M.Phil. from Cambridge and PhD from Pittsburgh, both in History and Philosophy of Science. He currently holds the Auguste Comte Chair in Social Epistemology in the Department of Sociology at Warwick University.

Fuller is the founder of the research program of social epistemology. It is the name of a quarterly journal he founded with Taylor & Francis in 1987, as well as the first of his twenty-five books. His most recent work has been concerned with the future of humanity, or ‘Humanity 2.0.’