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First Reformed

The strange spectres of Kierkegaard and Derrida

Cinema has a strange way of speaking philosophically. First Reformed – a film by Paul Schrader – (2018) is a redux of Ingmar Bergman’s (1963) Winter Light. I had mentioned this film – in passing – in a previous column because it struck me the first time I watched it a year ago. I decided […]

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Morris, M. (2021). First Reformed: The strange spectres of Kierkegaard and Derrida. PESA Agora. https://pesaagora.com/columns/first-reformed/

Marla Morris

Marla is Professor of Curriculum, Foundations & Reading, in the College of Education, Statesboro Campus, Georgia Southern University, GA, USA. She studied philosophy at Tulane University, religious studies at Loyola University, New Orleans and Education at Louisiana State University. Her main interests are postmodern philosophy, psychoanalysis, curriculum studies and systematic theology. She has published papers on Martin Heidegger, Jacques Derrida, Michel Serres, Simone de Beauvoir,  drawing extensively on the work of Gaston Bachelard and Donna Haraway. Marla has also worked in Holocaust studies, trauma studies, medical humanities and chaplaincy.