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A Problem of the Personal

A Response to Peter McLaren on Rufo’s Hermeneutics of Evil

The Great Chain of Being (Didacus Valade, 1579) Here Lanney Mayer responds to Peter McLaren’s columns engaging with Christopher Rufo. Lanney is currently writing a book on the Enlightenment and education called Recovering a Human(e) Education: A Trans-Modern Perspective. Addressing Rufo, I see two related problems with the ongoing unsuccessful dialogue with the right in […]

Lanney Mayer

Lanney Mayer (retired) has been Associate Professor of Education at the University of La Verne’s La Fetra College of Education and Regional Director for Teacher Education at College of the Canyons Regional Center in Santa Clarita. Trained as a theologian at Trinity Seminary and Claremont Graduate School and in Educational Leadership and Critical Pedagogy at UCLA, his work as a teacher and administrator with incarcerated students in the Los Angeles County Office of Education’s Court and Community Schools informed his research linking human(e) values and education for social justice. His research interests include values and spirituality in education, critical pedagogy, education for social justice, and trans-modern humanity. He has published articles addressing student culture as educational outcome, integrating faith and learning, alternative education informing traditional education, recovering full humanity in teaching and learning, and decolonizing the Cartesian educational hegemony.