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Past the Tower, Under the Tree

Twelve Stories of Learning in Community

Balamohan Shingade and Erena Shingade

For many people, education is synonymous with uniforms and tote trays, assemblies and sports days. The cool terraces of a lecture theatre; the rotating team of tutors. But another form of education has always existed and continues in Aotearoa today: teaching that is grounded in relationships and learning in beloved company. Past the Tower, Under […]

Erena Shingade

Erena Shingade (Pākehā) is a poet, editor and graduate of India’s Seagull School of Publishing.

Balamohan Shingade

Balamohan Shingade is a candidate for the PhD in Philosophy at the University of Auckland and a singer of Hindustani music. Previously, he’s been a researcher with CARE, Massey University, and a curator of contemporary art.