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The desires and ethics behind PhDs

A Buddhist philosophical inquiry

Among all the valued options that you have in life, why would you choose to do a PhD, and how would you do it ethically? So that I can help shed some light on the way our desires and morals operate here, I can share my experiences, but before I do that, let me identify the […]

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Dahanayake, N. (2022). The desires and ethics behind PhDs: A Buddhist philosophical inquiry. PESA Agora. https://pesaagora.com/columns/the-desires-and-ethics-behind-phds/

Nishanathe Dahanayake

Nishanathe Dahanayake researches and writes on western and eastern philosophies, with a focus on ethics, non-theistic spirituality, philosophy of mind and relativism. He holds a PhD in philosophy from the University of New England. He has worked extensively in the information technology industry and as a journalist with Interpress Service, MTV (Sri Lanka) and Australian Personal Computer magazine. His academic writings have been published in Philosophical Investigations, Philosophy East & West and on The Conversation.

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Resiliency and responsibilisation

The case of international PhD candidates-in-waiting

2020 was full of potholes and distractions. As celebrations for the Year of the Rat wound down in China and Australia oriented to a new academic year, COVID started to go rampant across the globe. Right before the pandemic, Harry, Lili and Tina (pseudonyms) – like many other Chinese international students – had their visa […]

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Mu, G. M. (2021). Resiliency and responsibilisation: The case of international PhD candidates-in-waiting. PESA Agora. https://pesaagora.com/columns/resiliency-and-responsibilisation/

Guanglun Michael Mu

Dr Guanglun Michael Mu is Senior Research Fellow in Queensland University of Technology. He is developing a sociology of resilience through his work with Chinese floating children and left-behind children in migration context; Chinese teachers in inclusive education context; and diverse student populations in Australia’s multicultural context. Michael’s work has been published into five books and numerous papers.

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