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Notes on note-making: Introduction

Lavinia Marin Sean Sturm Joris Vlieghe
Published online: 28 Jul 2021

Note-taking – or, better, note-making – takes diverse forms (from scribing on a whiteboard or flipchart, to summarizing or responding to a lecture on paper or a laptop, to annotating on an analog or digital text) and takes place at all levels of education (from primary school to university). But it has been largely neglected […]

Full Citation Information:
Lavinia Marin, Sean Sturm & Joris Vlieghe (2021) Notes on note-making: Introduction, Educational Philosophy and Theory, DOI: 10.1080/00131857.2021.1939008

Philosophy-Based Ethics as an Alternative to Religious Education in Australian Government Schools

In Australia and New Zealand, faith-based religious classes are still permitted in government schools, and this is the source of considerable controversy. Religious Instruction (RI), where students receive instruction in one religion, most commonly Christianity, is distinct from General Religious Education (GRE). The latter involves students learning about a range of religious and non-religious perspectives […]

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Bleazby, J. (2021). Philosophy-Based Ethics as an Alternative to Religious Education in Australian Government Schools. PESA Agora. https://pesaagora.com/columns/philosophy-based-ethics-as-an-alternative-to-religious-education-in-australian-government-schools/

Jennifer Bleazby

Jennifer Bleazby is senior lecturer in the Faculty of Education, Monash University, Australia. Prior to taking up her position at Monash University, she worked as a philosophy, history, humanities and media studies teacher in both government and independent secondary schools. Her main areas of research are philosophy of education; philosophy for children; ethics and religion in schools; children's rights; curriculum theory; feminist philosophy; and pragmatism, especially the philosophy of John Dewey. Jennifer is currently conducting a research project on religious education in Australian government schools, generously funded by a Rationalist Society of Australia Patron's Grant.

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