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I am writing in my solipsistic enchainment, my hermetic island of withdrawal, quarantine, confinement, isolation and loneliness. There is a real perversion in thinking this new world of mine, not so much a world-without-others as us-without-the-world. Thinking from the world-without-others to the world-without-us and then us-without-the-world has taken on a life of its own in […]

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Bradley, J. (2020). Us-without-the-world. PESA Agora. Retrieved from https://pesaagora.com/columns/us-without-the-world/

Joff Bradley

Joff P. N. Bradley is Professor of English in the Faculty of Foreign Languages at Teikyo University in Tokyo, Japan and visiting professor at Jamia Millia Islamia University in New Delhi, India and visiting research fellow at Kyung Hee University is Seoul, South Korea.