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Visual Pedagogies: Concepts, Cases and Practices

This international collection presents theoretical, empirical and practice-led considerations of what can be envisioned as visual pedagogies, offering classic, creative, and contemporary re-workings of these paradigms. In complementary yet overlapping parts, this book explores understandings of visual pedagogies as learning with, through and/or about images, visual and digital environments, embodied performances and immersive experiences. As […]

Seeing More-Than-Human: An Association for Visual Pedagogies Symposium on New Materialist Visual Methodologies

An Association for Visual Pedagogies (AVP) event hosted by Jacoba Matapo, Sean Sturm and colleagues from the School of Critical Studies in Education at the University of Auckland. This half-day hybrid kōrerorero addresses the role of visual methodologies in new materialist theory/practice in education and beyond. “Visualisation,” or scopic representation, is often taken to be […]