Biodigitalism and Ecopedagogical Futures

In Collective Intellectualities episode 14, Petar Jandrić, Michael A. Peters, Derek R. Ford and Sarah Hayes discuss biodigitalism and ecopedagogical futures.

They focus on two books published in 2022 by Springer:

The conversation from this episode was developed into an article, ‘The Postdigital-Biodigital Revolution,’ in Postdigital Science & Education.


Jandric, P., & Ford, D. R. (2022). Postdigital ecopedagogies: Genealogies, contradictions, and possible futures. Springer.

Means, A., Jandrić, P., Sojot, A. N., Ford, D. R., Peters, M. A., & Hayes, S. (2022). The postdigital-biodigital revolution. Postdigital Science and Education, 4(3), 1032-1051.

Peters, M. A., Jandric, P., & Hayes, S. (2022). Bioinformational philosophy and postdigital knowledge ecologies. Springer.

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