Beyond Neoliberal Multiculturalism

Collective Intellectualities

Wayne Au, Professor in the School of Educational Studies at the University of Washington-Bothell, joins the Collective Intellectualities crew in this episode to discuss the tensions present in the practice of multicultural and social justice education in the contemporary moment.

Wayne’s scholarship and activism engages issues of critical education theory, race and class in schooling, and related educational policies, such as those policies that give rise to high-stakes testing and impact school curriculum. Wayne is an editor of the leading social justice publication Rethinking Schools and has authored or edited countless books and articles, including several that we discuss in this episode.

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Wayne Au

Wayne Au is a Professor in the School of Educational Studies at the University of Washington-Bothell. His academic interests broadly encompass critical education theory and teaching for social justice. More specifically, his research focuses on educational equity, high-stakes testing, curriculum theory, educational policy studies and social studies education.