EcoPedagogy: A Brief Introduction

This brief video introduces ecopedagogy – Paulo Freirean, critical environmental pedagogy that focuses on teaching to deepen and widen students’ understandings of the too-often hidden connections between environmental violence and social violence, as well as the dominance of Nature outside of the anthroposphere. Grounded in Freire’s literacy education to “read the word to read the world”, ecopedagogical work critically reads and rereads ‘who’ benefits and ‘who’ suffers from such violence, and the politics of teaching that systematically hides socio-environmental oppressions. Teaching for ecopedagogical literacy provides students the tools to read the politics of socio-environmental issues critically through diverse socio-historical lenses (e.g., coloniality, racism, patriarchy, classism, neoliberalism, globalisations from above, non-/citizenship, epistemicide from epistemologies of the North, heteronormativity) for local-to-global-to-planetary reflectivity to determine necessary actions for environmental justice and planetary sustainability (i.e., praxis). To see more information on ecopedagogy please see: and/or visit

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Greg Misiaszek

Greg W. Misiaszek is an Assistant Professor of educational theories at Beijing Normal University (BNU) and Associate Director of the Paulo Freire Institute, UCLA.