Heeding Heidegger’s Way: Questions of the work of art

Elizabeth M. Grierson
Vol 22, Number 1-2, p.24
Martin Heidegger says, \"Questioning builds a way ... The way is a way of thinking\". Through Heidegger's 'way' of disclosing questions in/on the work of art, technology and Being, this paper brings Heidegger's thought into proximity with art and education. It considers dominant representational practices by which these things are 'known' in the world of metaphysical understandings. If the question of being is a question concerning truth in Heidegger's philosophical project, then what relation does this have to the work of art, and why 'art'; and what might these questions reveal about subject object relations in our 'knowing' of the world and being? With The Scream (Munch, 1893) as a starting point, this paper considers the work of art in terms of media and art historical representations; and then, via Heidegger's questioning, it reflects on the way 'truth' as a constellation may be 'pictured' in the world and revealed through the wo?' of art. Public and disciplinary discourses of art and interpretation are brought forward as a way of working through Heidegger's project concerning the 'problem' of metaphysics and 'sickness' of modernity. Attempting to 'follow the movement of showing' through opening spaces of 'disclosure' in the work of art and education, the paper heeds Heidegger's 'way' as it thinks through poiesis and techne as modes of being in and with the world.