Making democracy safe for the world? Philosophy of war, peace and democracy -CFP

An invitation  – CFP



This call is for 3000 word papers suitable for publication as a Column in PESA AGORA at



Please follow the PESA AGORA house style with limited references (no more than five) and conversational style. Papers may also be chosen to be published in Educational Philosophy and Theory.

Check out our EPAT editorial, ‘Making democracy safe for the world? Philosophy of war, peace and democracy’  which is also published here in PESA Agora.

To answer this call, please submit an abstract of 250–300 words to Tina Besley () and/or Michael Peters () by September 30th.


Guiding questions for this CFP

How much does it cost to make the world safe for democracy?

Does democracy at home necessitate war abroad?

What is the history of liberal democracies in terms of conflict around the world?

Is it the end of liberal democracy and liberal education?

How deeply implicated are universities in the ‘military-industrial-academic’ complex?

To what extent are schools incorporated in training for war?

Is there an effective global authority capable of controlling or settling armed disputes?

To what extent has Cold War assumptions and institutions failed to ensure global peace or promote democracy?

Is the US economy a war economy and does it require war to prosper?

Is war and conflict an inevitable part of the human condition?

What is your prognosis for war in the twenty-first century?

Can education make a difference?

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