The Geopolitics of Postdigital Educational Development: A Call for Papers


The Geopolitics of Postdigital Educational Development

Michael A. Peters, Ben Green, Olivera Kamenarac, Petar Jandrić & Tina Besley (Editors)

Postdigital educational development undergoes significant and formative changes. What we make of these changes today, will shape our collective future for many years to come. Governments, nongovernmental organizations, think-tanks and corporate research centres spend a lot of effort to direct these changes. However, postdigital research clearly shows that those efforts have been predominantly grounded in overly techno-deterministic, techno-instrumentalist, and techno-solutionist premises. The global scholarly community has extensively, loudly, and clearly argued against such analyses and solutions. While there have been some explorations into postdigital organizations, educational leadership and educational development, forward-looking postdigital scholarship focused on the geopolitics of educational development and its politics is sparse.

This book aims to achieve two main tasks: to unpack the main issues and debates in the geopolitics of postdigital educational development and to align its theory to practice. Contributions may include:

  • Intersections of educational development and different kinds of technologies, including bioinformation and AI.
  • The role of postdigital education in national and global agendas.
  • The strategic use of education for soft power and cultural diplomacy.
  • Geopolitical tensions, educational technologies, data sovereignty and security.
  • The impact of international educational networks and geopolitical partnerships.
  • The influence of emerging economies and non-state actors in shaping educational futures.
  • Geopolitical priorities, states’ interests and the production of identities through education.
  • The relationships between postdigital educational development and knowledge ecologies.
  • Geopolitical competition on global educational narratives.

Please submit enquiries, abstracts, and chapters to Petar Jandrić:

Important Dates

15 June 2024 – Deadline for abstracts (300 words)

1 December 2024 – Deadline for full chapters

1 January 2025 – Deadline for reviewer feedback

1 April 2025 – Deadline for final chapters

Here is the full call: Call_for_Chapters_Postdigital_Geopolitics.

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