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Histories of Philosophies of Childhoods

Lessons for the new normality of a post-Covid world?

Children grow up, play and learn differently in diverse cultures and societies, and live very different childhoods. These differences are, in part, where the philosophical questions of who is a child and what is childhood start. Such questions are at the heart of the Philosophy of Childhood. It is now commonly accepted that different societies […]

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Tesar, M. (2021). Histories of Philosophies of Childhoods: Lessons for the new normality of a post-Covid world?. PESA Agora. https://pesaagora.com/columns/histories-of-philosophies-of-childhoods/

Marek Tesar

Marek Tesar, Associate Professor and Associate Dean International at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, is a deputy editor of Educational Philosophy and Theory and Access: Contemporary Issues in  Education, and President of PESA. His research is focused on philosophical methods, childhood studies and early childhood education, the construction of childhoods, notions of place/space, and methodological and philosophical thinking around ontologies and the ethics of researching these notions.

Article Feature Image Acknowledgement: Bartolome Gonzalez y Serrano. (1612). Portrait of three children of Philip III: Cardinal-Infant Ferdinand, Infant Alfonso and Infanta Margareta.