Postdigital Humans: Transitions, Transformation and Transcendence – new book


Postdigital Humans: Transitions, Transformation and Transcendence, edited by Maggi  Savin-Baden, (Springer, 2021) is the first book in the Postdigital Science and Education book series.  It illustrates that the development and use of postdigital humans is occurring rapidly, but often in unexpected ways and spaces, and explores approaches to developing and using postdigital humans and the impact they are having on a postdigital world. This book presents current research and practices at a time when education is changing rapidly with digital, technological advances. In particular, it outlines the major challenges faced by today’s employers, developers, teachers, researchers, priests and philosophers such as the possibility for using postdigital humans for teaching, training and practice.

The first section of the book begins with an exploration of the ideas and concepts associated with postdigital humans. The second section provides both a practical and philosophical stance toward the use of postdigital humans in education. The final section explores the overlapping constructs of philosophy, ethics and religion. Postdigital Humans: Transitions, Transformation and Transcendence in many ways brings together concerns over agency, the wider complex ecology of techno-capitalist relations, notions of individual self-determination and ways in which humanity needs to come to understand and act in the postdigital world.

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